My story...

I was born and raised in Kuwait until I was 17 years old.  I spent my childhood and teen years at Kuwait Sea Sports Club (SSSC) as a member of the swimming team and then I joined the sailing team when I was 15.  I graduated from Romaithiya Highschool with 95.8% average ranking 13th over Kuwaities.

Please feel free to check my lectures online.  This is a sample lecture from a previous course that I have taught in the past.  When you choose a class from the navigation bar, it will direct you to the course website that will contain full lectures under its "VIDEOS" subtab.  Students are encouraged to watch these video if they ever had to miss a class.  These videos can also help students when preparing for exams.

During registration, students wonder about my style in teaching and the language used....etc.  These videos can give students a clearer view of how I run my classes so a better deccision can be made about which instructor to sign up with.  Enjoy these videos and I look forward to seeing you in class.

Sample Lecture